• What can WCMS do for our business?

    We can take the headaches out of medical surveillance requirements, injury and workers compensation management and drug testing your employees to keep your employees healthy, safe and productive.
  • What services do you offer?

    We offer a full range of on-site occupational health services from new hire drug screening and physicals to on-site occupational health clinics.
  • What certifications do you have?

    WCMS is Certified in:

    –       DATIA Clinic for drug and alcohol screening

    –       Certified Occupational Health nurse specialist  (COHN-S/CM) stands for Certified Occupational Health Nurse-Specialist, Workers Compensation Case Management Certified

    –       Certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBENC)

    –       Certified in Workers Compensation Case Management (American Board of Occupational Health Nurses)

    –       COHNs (Certified Occ Health Nurses)

    –       Members of AAOHN (American Association of Occupational Health Nurses)

    –       DNA Testing: aaBB Certificate of Accreditation (All collectors have been certified through NADCM)

  • What makes you different?

    WCMS is not your typical vendor; our goal is to become your partner. We don’t have layers of management and sales people; we bring in the people/services you need, and tailor our programs to meet each clients’ individual occupational health needs. We offer years of experience and know how from our easy to work with team.
  • Where’s my ROI?

    Obviously there are good legal and ethical reasons to protect the health of your employees and customers. We won’t waste time here discussing the immense value of hiring and maintaining a clean and sober workforce, and providing them with a safe work environment, and the required compliance testing and physicals needed to ensure their health, welfare and physical ability to do their jobs.

    What makes it hard for the HR manager is presenting soft costs and preventative measures to a leadership table that is accustomed to profit and loss.

    Along with the liability risks, there are real pocket-book expenses tied to work-related injuries, health risks not discovered due to lack of required medical surveillance, turnover, absenteeism, poor productivity, downtime, and medical and legal expenses – including those due to accidental deaths.

    No matter the size of your business, the benefits of providing a safe and compliant workplace far outweigh the cost, especially when working with a professional health and wellness management firm.

    Perhaps the easiest ways to demonstrate financial ‘proof’ is to look at your past expenses and compare them to the expenses had they been managed by WCMS.

    Our complimentary 30-minute Cost & Compliance Comparison Review gives you clarity on raw cost (although prevention, the best cost-savings opportunity, can’t really be calculated.)

    Comparing numbers is easy. Simply provide WCMS with a 12-month history of your workers compensation costs (Loss Run with Reserve tallies), number of OSHA recordables and lost and restricted time days, number and type of drug screens, number and type of medical surveillance tests and physicals, and we’ll show you how much those services would cost using our on-site services.

    To schedule your review, contact us at: (877) 449-7473 and ask for Julie Ott or Lisa Boone.

  • Who are your people? (Qualifications, hiring processes)

    WCMS hires, trains and certifies every medical staff member who joins our team. We do stringent vetting of each potential employee to find the candidates with the best experience, longevity with past employment, and communication skills to be the right fit for our clients. We send the candidate to the Client for a final interview to make sure the placement is a good “fit”, and then our occupational health management team orients and trains.

  • How much downtime will I have per employee? What’s the downtime cost?

    Downtime depends on the test or service being performed. WCMS works with each Client to arrange days and times that creates a smooth flow of employees to the designated on-site medical area, based on shift times and number of employees to be tested.  On-site testing inherently saves down time by eliminating the travel times.
  • What are my injury costs?

    When you have a nurse on-site at your facility, injury costs go down because you have a medical professional treating those injuries in-house that can be managed in-house, and only sending out employees who need a physician. Even with those employees that must be sent out, the nurse works closely with your medical providers to ensure the best level of care and quickest route to maximum medical improvement and case closure.
  • Where am I at risk? Liabilities? Prevention opportunities?

    WCMS provides wellness programs that include preventing injuries in the work place. Drug testing reduces accidents. Medical surveillance testing and physicals prevent work-related injuries and illness. Each employee is inherently a “risk” for liability; having an experienced occupational health partner reduces risk and liability.
  • What do my competitors do? What’s required of me? What are the best practices?

    There are many competitors in the occupational health industry. What makes us unique is our size, experience and value we bring without layers of red tape (our service agreements are very user friendly and customizable). WCMS works with Clients to prioritize their goals, review their current program, and present to them options and pricing based on review of their current situation and where they want to go.
  • How much will this cost?

    Pricing depends on the service and number of employees involved. We recommend starting with our 30-minute Cost & Compliance Comparison Review to determine what you’ve been paying, and what you could be saving with us.
  • Can I customize your services?

    Yes. We can customize any package to suit your specific needs.
  • What’s your availability?

    WCMS has the resources to bring services on in a short period of time (it does differ for each service, but we are fast and accurate).